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Domestic Longhair | 8 years old


Dexter is a long haired white and black boy looking for his forever home.Dexter came into care as he was not getting on with another cat in the household. He is a very friendly 7-year-old boy who likes to cuddle and be made a fuss of. When he first came into care Dexter was very unsure of his surroundings and the people coming into his new accommodation so would hide at the back of his cabin and hiss as if to say just leave me be, although never showing any aggression. With this in mind it is important his new family give him time to fully settle into a single room before allowing him to explore the rest of the house.We believe that Dexter spent most of his time outdoors and think he would prefer to be the only cat in the household. Dexter has not shown he is a lap cat at the moment but does like to be with you so in time he may decide that this is for him. He would prefer a house with older children, preferably over the age of 8, so they will be understanding of him when he feels nervous and unsure. His home will need to be away from busy roads and railways.Dexter has had a dental whilst in care. And is thought to have a flea allergy, so will need regular flea treatment when he goes to his home, to stop this reaction.Dexter has been neutered, microchipped and is fully vaccinated. He will be ready to go to his new home from 5th March, but can be ‘viewed’ and reserved now.Dexter will need to have a safe, secure, quiet room to start off in. A room where he can have a separate area for food and water. For a litter tray placed as far away as possible from his food and water. For somewhere to hide, access to a high spot where he can view his surroundings, a suitable place to sleep or, ideally, a choice of them, a scratching post and a few cat toys and space for him to play. He will also need a Feliway diffuser in his room, as he will likely hide away for a few days when he goes to his new home.

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  • 8

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  • Domestic Longhair

  • Black, White

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