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Domestic Shorthair | 5 years old

Dennis Image 1


Dennis was a stray. He had been abandoned - left behind to fend for himself after a house move - and at around four to five years (vet estimate) he was still un-neutered. Not a promising start to his rehabilitation. And yet...Dennis is trying hard. Please read on. After a good going over at the vet's and having the big boys' op, Dennis is coming on nicely. He is a sturdy, chubby-cheeked lad with a lovely, thick, black and white coat. Considering his past, he is approachable and enjoys a stroke on his head, though he is less happy with touch elsewhere. He does retain an air of independence and doesn't actively hunt for attention but this might change with time and confidence. Apparently Dennis likes a little chat but for such a powerful looking cat his miaow is quiet and plaintive. He sings in the minor key bless him.At first Dennis spent much of his time on the rafters but he has now descended to eye-level, especially when it's meal time (see photos). Dennis just lurrves his food, and whilst it's not quite a case of "when there's food about he's anybody's" the interaction he has with his carers around meals is helping him feel more relaxed.It's obvious that Dennis would fare best with a mature and cat-experienced person/s and in an environment where other pets and children do not feature. He definitely needs outside access to explore and so retain that little edge of independence, and a rural environment would be ideal. Please give Dennis...who is absolutely no Menace...a lovely home and be his new Best Human Friend.

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  • 5

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  • Domestic Shorthair

  • Black, White

Location Reading, UK

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