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Dachshund | 12 years old



Cookie is an active, young Dachshund who lacks in confidence. Although he's only 8-months old, he has already gained some insecurities, including a fear of unfamiliar people and crowded places. He'll need adopters who will offer him a gentle approach and plenty of patience to begin building up his friendship. It will take multiple visits to our rehoming centre to get to know him, but if you give Cookie the time and space he needs, he'll reward you with his interactive character, and affectionate ways.

Type of home needed

Cookie will need an adult-only family, living with multiple people so there is always someone to keep him company. He must be the only pet in the household as he struggles to share affection, and wants all the cuddles to be saved just for him! However, he does enjoy some social interactions with other dogs so would benefit from having a regular walking buddy. As a typical, spritely youngster, Cookie is keen to be out and about exploring. It is essential that he goes for his walks in less-populated areas, and at quieter times of the day so that he can avoid bumping into unknown people or dogs. Busy roadsides should also be avoided initially until he builds in confidence. Due to his reactivity around all that is 'unfamiliar', Cookie will be unsuitable to live in a block of flats. His ideal home would be somewhere quiet and peaceful, with a garden of his own and minimal visitors. Adopters who can offer him plenty of their time to support with his training and a consistent routine would be perfect.

More about me

To apply to rehome Cookie, please click the 'Come and meet me' button below. Before you apply, please consider the tier you are living in and any travel restrictions that apply, which may impact your rehoming procedure. We are only able to consider applicants who are based within an hour's drive to our rehoming centre - BN43 5LT.


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  • 12

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  • Dachshund

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Location Dogs Trust Shoreham Brighton Road Shoreham by Sea West Sussex BN43 5LT

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