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Border Collie, Crossbreed, Jack Russell | 1 years old


Coda is such a happy, loving chap.  He’s a Jack Russell cross, but we are not sure what with – possibly collie.  He’s larger than a JRT – around the size of a springer spaniel.Coda is wary of adults until he gets to know you – it doesnt take him long to come round and show what a loving boy he is.  He absolutely adores children and is very gentle with them, but can be over excited when they run and play – for this reason any children in the home must be older.  Although he lives happily with another dog currently, he can be jealous; he can also be over-demanding of playtime with other dogs.  He is happy to meet other dogs when out.  For this reason Coda would be best as an only dog or with an owner who is experienced and able to handle his behaviour.Coda has very good basic training; he’s clever and quick to learn.  He’s as good as gold in the home, and will make a lovely family dog – he loves cuddles and games!  He’s an active lad, so will be looking for a home that likes walks.Coda does get car sick on longer journeys so his ideal home would be close to his current foster home in Bournemouth.If you’d like to offer this lovely boy his happy ever after, please fill out the form below.  Homecheck and £225 adoption donation will apply and you’ll need to be able to meet him in his foster home.

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  • 1

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  • Border Collie, Crossbreed, Jack Russell

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Location Bournemouth

About a Border Collie

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  • 46 - 56 cm

  • 14 - 20 kgs

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  • 12 - 16 years

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