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American Bulldog | 2 years old



To apply to rehome Chewie please click on the 'Come and Meet Me' button below. Applications will close when a suitable match has been found. PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO THE CURRENT COVID RESTRICTIONS WE ARE ONLY ABLE TO CONSIDER APPLICATIONS WITHIN A 1 HOUR DRIVE FROM OUR CENTRE (WR11 7RT). He's a big boy with a big heart, Chewie is a super fun chap with lots to offer the right new home. So far, Chewie has not learnt much about life and is therefore looking for a family who can be patient with him and guide him in a positive way. He really loves to play and leans on people he knows to demand more fuss and attention. For someone with breed experience and a keen interest in training, Chewie will make a fabulous addition.

Type of home needed

Chewie is only young and will need almost all of his basic training starting from scratch. He is a very enthusiastic and bouncy boy who tends to throw his weight around and come across as a bit of a bull-in-a-China-shop, but beneath this there are some underlying worries which will simply require a calm and consistent home environment to flourish in. Chewie will be requiring a higher amount of physical exercise and will benefit massively from lots of opportunities to use his brain. He has lived in a home previously, and can be left for around an hour to begin with.

More about me

Chewie is seeking an adult-only home wit no young visitors. He may be able to share his home with a canine companion who is of a similar size and a playful personality. Chewie's home will need to be free of cats and other small furry pets, and further work will be required in terms of his car work. Chewie will be requiring ongoing training in a few areas, and will therefore need a family who are keen and willing to invest a lot of time into this.


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  • 2

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  • American Bulldog

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Location Dogs Trust Evesham 89 Pitcher’s Hill Wickhamford Evesham WR11 7RT

About a American Bulldog

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  • 56 - 69 cm

  • 27 - 54 kgs

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  • 10 - 12 years

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