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Domestic Shorthair | 2 years old


CeeCee is an 18-month-old, indoor female cat looking for a quiet, adult only family that have had cats in the past and there must be no other pets in the home. (Please note that CeeCee cannot be adopted into families where there are children or children visit - as she cannot stand children and her temperament is unpredictable).She can be nervous and jumpy at sudden movement or loud noises and can get upset causing her to be unpredictable, lashing out with her claws and hissing and wailing.That aside if she is content - she is friendly and affectionate at times, doesn’t like to be handled and will meaow when she is letting you know that she wants something. CeeCee is inquisitive and likes to be with you but often at a distance where she can observe what’s going on.CeeCee is “not” a cat for a first time cat family and looking for a family that is familiar with cat 'body language' and a home that has 2 bedrooms or more to allow her to have her own space away from humans when wanted.If you would like to enquire about adopting then please fill in the WEB form that can be accessed where it says "contact us about this cat" *** If you are in rented accommodation we require written proof from your landlord that shows that pets are permitted before we will proceed any further and we would advise that you have this prior to contacting us. Please also note that due to travel restrictions we will only be rehoming in the Glasgow & Renfrewshire area***

Additional details

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  • 2

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  • Domestic Shorthair

  • Black, White

Location Cats Protection Glasgow Branch PO Box 2905 Glasgow G64 9DJ

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