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German Shepherd Dog, Crossbreed | 7 years old



To apply to rehome Callie please click on the 'Come and Meet Me' button below. Applications will close when a suitable match has been found. PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO THE CURRENT COVID RESTRICTIONS WE ARE ONLY ABLE TO CONSIDER APPLICATIONS WITHIN A 1 HOUR DRIVE FROM OUR CENTRE (WR11 7RT). Beautiful Callie is a stunning girl with unbelievable amounts of personality and love to offer a family. She is extremely loyal once she knows you, but can take a little while to built trust. Callie is very bright and loves learning new things. She is also a massive fan of tennis balls and is always requesting more fetch! Callie is rather precious over her resources, which will need careful management in her home. She is a really lovely girl who simply needs the right set-up and family to succeed, and we are confident that she will make a wonderful companion.

Type of home needed

Callie will need a VERY rurally-located home to call her very own, where she will not have to see many other people, dogs or traffic on her adventures. She finds a lot of aspects of the outside world rather overwhelming, so will need an extremely patient family who will be able to fully understand that a lot of work will be required in several areas- but it will definitely be worth it! Callie has been in and out of kennels a few times, and will need a little time to settle into her new fantastic way of life. She can be quite a vocal character when left on her own or on sight of things in the big wide world; Callie would like to ask for a family who are willing to be patient with her and be willing to work with her quirks. She is fully housetrained and has shown some ability to walk with another dog IF a sneaky peak meet is arranged rather than Callie building frustration from a distance.

More about me

Callie is seeking a very calm and quiet yet active, adult-only home where she can be the only pet. She can be left for 4-8 hours at a time, although she must have toilet breaks and this duration will need to be built-up when in her new home. Callie's adoption process will involve several sessions with our on-site experts in order for all of her behaviour and training to be demonstrated prior to her heading home. For a family who are actively seeking a project pooch, Callie will be the perfect new addition to the home.


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  • 7

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  • German Shepherd Dog, Crossbreed

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Location Dogs Trust Evesham 89 Pitcher’s Hill Wickhamford Evesham WR11 7RT

About a German Shepherd Dog

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  • 56 - 66 cm

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  • 10 - 13 years

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