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Staffordshire Bull Terrier | 5 years old



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Caesar is a gorgeous big lad, looking for a home experienced with bull breeds and able to give him a lot of time and patience. He will take a long time to settle into a new routine and home and would benefit from owners that are looking to continue his training. Once settled in his previous home, he was happy to be left for short periods, but he will need someone around initially while he gets used to his new routine and home comforts again.

Caesar’s excitement builds up very quickly, especially at the moment here in kennels, which causes him to mouth in frustration. He has learnt to take a toy if possible, which is very positive, but will need a quiet home without too many visitors coming and going so that he can get used to a routine and control his arousal levels. He loves tennis balls and soft toys - he is happy to play by himself or with you. He is a smart lad that is eager to please and would benefit from lots of enrichment to keep his mind busy.

Ceaser is quite good on lead but can be strong when he wants to see or sniff something! He would benefit from walking in quiet areas, this will allow him to keep calm and investigate the environment without getting overly excited and silly. Secure paddocks would be great for safe off lead time where he can play and run freely.

He can be good saying a brief hello to other dogs, but also can be vocal - he needs an owner who can read his body language and knows when to move on. He needs to be the only pet in the home but would benefit from further socialisation.

Caesar can live with adults only. 


Additional details

  • Size :

  • Age :

  • 5

  • Breed :

  • Colour :

  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier

  • Silver, Grey

Location The Avenue, Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7AZ

About a Staffordshire Bull Terrier

  • Breed Type :

  • Avg Height :

  • Avg Weight :

  • -

  • 36 - 41 cm

  • 11 - 17 kgs

  • Avg Life Span :

  • Breed Origin :

  • 12 - 14 years

  • -