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Domestic Longhair | 7 years old


APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED FROM ALL AREAS. Buddy is FIV. This means he cannot be allowed to go outside of a secure garden.. This has broken all our hearts as Buddy was allowed outside before he had his diagnosis and he can't understand why he currently has to stay indoors.We have been looking for a permanent home for Buddy for a year. He has been homed twice, and been returned to us twice. Both homes were lovely and it is through no fault of his new owners that he had to come back to us. We have concluded that we have to home Buddy to a property with a cat proofed garden, (not a Catio), and the following:-A home with no young children or children visitingA house, not a flatThe new owner would have to purchase Hills Urinary C/D pouchesBe prepared to brush Buddy everydayIf you are still reading this, we now get to the good bit. Buddy is absolutely adorable - aged about 6yrs 6mths. He is big, and I mean BIG!! He loves sitting on laps. He talks a lot, especially when he wants food. The good thing about his food is that he likes it. Maximum of four pouches a day, with added water, is all he asks for. He uses his litter tray and doesn't make a mess.It is possible to get pet insurance for Buddy, but it would exclude anything to do with FIV or urinary issues. Buddy has had every investigation possible to find out why he had a urinary problem, and the conclusion is that it is stress related. He can have a problem urinating, and he has soiled around the home of his previous owners, but their issue was with how distressed Buddy was getting. He has been with his fosterer now for over 3 months and has not had a problem at all. We don't know if this is because of the new food, or because he likes his home. His fosterer experienced Buddy's problem after he had an investigation at the vet ant the end of September and it lasted 24 hours and hasn't happened since.

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  • 7

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  • Domestic Longhair

  • White, Ginger

Location Bracknell, UK

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