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German Shepherd Dog | 1 years old


We are pleased to introduce you to Buddy. He is 1 years old and still a big puppy at heart, who loves his play time and being on the go.

Buddy is a German Shepherd who is looking for experienced, committed dog owners to continue his ongoing training and management in a new home. He is going to need extra support to help him adjust to his new home and settle in.

Buddy is a big strong boy who needs owners who are physically strong enough to confidently walk him. He needs ongoing training and management around other dogs on walks and is looking to be walked in residential street areas and kept on the lead. A low dog populated area would be best for him.

He is very smart and loves his training. He picks up new tricks quickly and loves to be on the go; so much that he does struggle to settle in the company of people. New owners will need to work on this with him as he gets used to his new home, and for this reason he needs a calm home to assist with his training.

Buddy needs a secure, private garden and is looking to be the only pet in his new home. He could live with teenagers in his new home, but they need to be confident with large, bouncy dogs and on board with his training needs.

If you are experienced with dogs and enjoy dog training, being on the go and have plenty of time and patience to help Buddy be the best he can, please do fill in a home finder form online. When completing your form, please do tell us about your experiences with dogs and the home you can offer Buddy.

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  • German Shepherd Dog

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About a German Shepherd Dog

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  • 56 - 66 cm

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  • 10 - 13 years

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