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Domestic Shorthair | 8 years old

Bradley Image 1


This handsome lad is Bradley, a chunky chap on the look-out for new pastures. Poor Bradley was very stressed out living in his previous home, partly because he was living with another cat and partly because of the noisy young children in the home. Bradley is an extremely friendly and affectionate cat, he loves to get attention and will even climb up on your shoulder so he can give you some extra nuzzles and treat you to and earful of his gigantic purrs!Unfortunately Bradley was diagnosed with heart disease a couple of years ago and for a while was quite poorly. Thankfully things are much better now and Bradley’s condition has stabilised, although he does need several tablets every day to keep him well. Whilst Bradley isn’t a huge fan of taking these meds he’s never aggressive towards his nurses, but he will sometimes sulk for 5 minutes afterwards – but it doesn’t take him long to forgive you and for the purring to start again!Bradley will need a new home with experienced cat owners who are able to medicate him twice a day. Being such a softy he would be good in a house with children, but due to his past experiences not with younger children. Brad will also need to be the only pet in the household.Anyone that adopts Bradley is going to be truly blessed with one of the friendliest cats we’ve had at the Centre for a long time, he’s a proper bobby dazzler!

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  • 8

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  • Domestic Shorthair

  • Black

Location 582 Huntington Road, Huntington YORK Yorkshire YO32 9QA

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