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7-year-old Bob is another wee one that has come into our care through no fault of his own.He’s an outdoor cat, looking for an adult family home that has no children or other pets because at times he can get a bit agitated and may try to bite/scratch without much warning (especially if anyone touches his rump and his belly).That aside Bob (aka Bobby/Bob-zilla) is a very energetic, inquisitive and affectionate boy. He loves cuddles in bed and will stay by your side as much as he can! He will love to sit on your lap, such as when working from home on a computer, and loves windowsills.He loves playtimes, and he can get into trouble when he is bored and will definitely benefit from a home where he can explore outdoors.Bob is “not” a cat for a first time cat family and looking for a family that have had cats before and is more familiar with cat 'body language'.If you would like to enquire about adopting then please fill in the WEB form that can be accessed where it says "contact us about this cat"*** If you are in rented accommodation we require written proof from your landlord that shows that pets are permitted before we will proceed any further and we would advise that you have this prior to contacting us. Please also note that due to travel restrictions we will only be rehoming in the Glasgow & Renfrewshire area***

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  • Other

  • Black, White

Location Cats Protection Glasgow Branch PO Box 2905 Glasgow G64 9DJ

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