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Domestic Longhair | 5 years old


Blossom was brought in to our care due to her owner passing, unfortunately she is a very scared frightened girl and not interested in human interaction.
Blossom, when undisturbed spends most of her day¿s bird watching and gazing out, dreaming of days when she has her own garden to venture in.
We are looking for very special `guardian¿ for Blossom, where they can take on her care of daily feeding, give her a warm shelter to retreat to and provide a `safe¿ environment for her to reside in, whilst not having great expectations of her.
Because she finds humans around her too overwhelming, we are looking for someone that has a shed that they can convert with access to the outside, so she can live the life how she wants to, rather than pressured to live with people.
Blossom may always be quite an aloof cat, however over time, if she decides she wants to be more interactive with people, giving her this set up means she has choice and control over the situation and interaction will never be forced on her.
We are looking for quite specific home for Blossom, so if we feel you¿re not quite right, please don¿t feel disheartened, we have lots of other cats in our care that are deserving of a new home
If you have a shed that you think you would like to make in to a `cat B&B¿ please fill out a perfect match form and send to [email protected] . Please be aware due to covid restrictions we are only homing locally to the centre

Additional details

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  • 5

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  • Domestic Longhair

  • Black

Location Leybourne Animal Centre, 199 Castle Way, West Malling ME19 5HW

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