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Beagle, Crossbreed | 1 years old


Bella had already been in four homes by the time she was 7mths old and that has left her with some emotional scars.
Bella is very much a dog that can be on a real high and enjoy life and be cheeky but her character can soon change once something or someone scares her and she turns into a dog that struggles to cope. She enjoys being with people she knows and trusts but, at this moment finds it difficult to settle for any length of time.
When Bella came to us, she was very scared and very under socialised with dogs, people and the environment. Also being a typical young dog who has had little or no suitable training her attention and recall with people was limited. Bella is looking for a very experienced adult only home with someone who has trained and had young complex dogs before, she is looking for a home that has experience with scent/sight hounds. Bella is looking for a rural detached home as she would not do well in a built up area as noises and unfamiliar people worry her. Bella will need a large well-enclosed secure garden to run around. Bella is a very high-energy dog and would run around all day if she could, so she needs a very active home. Bella is also a very clever dog so she will need lots of mental stimulation too. Owners will also need to spend time teaching her to be calm to balance out her active side. Whilst at Millbrook Bella has shown her clever side and knows sit, down and paw and she is very good at agility. Bella also has a love for footballs and is learning to bring them back to swap for another. Bella also loves water so be prepared to get her a paddling pool especially in the hot weather. Due to Bella¿s needs she will need someone based at home that is not working from home, as she will need a lot of attention and training. Bella did not cope very well in her last home so she will need help getting use to living in a home environment and new owners will need to be patient with her and not be too house proud. A separate room with not much in it where she could start off would be ideal. Bella does get confidence from dogs she knows but lacks with her social skills around them so there is a possibility that she could live with an older, active neutered dog but it would depend on introduction and it may take quite a few introductions to see if it was a good match. Bella has improved with dogs but there are still occasions with unfamiliar dogs where she is reactive and starts her very loud Hound barking so she will need to be walked in places where there are not lots of dogs around and she can work around dogs from a distance. A home that has socialised dogs before would be ideal. Bella can be strong on the lead so she needs owners that can hold her. Bella is looking for very patient and calm owners as any wrong training or handling of Bella will be detrimental to her emotional state. At Millbrook she has shown she can form unique bonds with the staff who care for her, with time and kindness. New owners need to be very understanding and will need to understand that it may take several months for Bella to settle into a home and that it may not be an easy adjustment this is why she needs lots of patience and a very calm and chilled home environment. We have done a lot to improve Bella¿s socialisation and confidence and are now at the point where that socialisation, training and confidence building needs to continue in a home environment. Bella does need to be homed near to the centre. Her new family will need to come back to the centre quite a few times to meet with Bella and receive training from the behavioural team and will need to follow our advice, so Bella needs owners dedicated to continuing her assessment via a behaviour plan in the home environment. There is a good chance that new owners will need to invest in a Clinical Animal Behaviourist so do need to be able to cover that financially.
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  • 1

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  • Beagle, Crossbreed

  • Tortoiseshell

Location RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre, Guildford Rd, Chobham, Woking GU24 8EH

About a Beagle

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  • 33 - 38 cm

  • 9 - 16 kgs

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  • 13 - 16 years

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