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Crossbreed, Poodle | 2 years old



Bear is a very handsome boy and we expect LOTS of people will be interested in him, however we are looking for a very specific place for him to call home. Sadly he is one of life's real worriers and lots of things can make him feel uncomfortable. Since he's a big strong lad (he is an 18 month old Standard Poodle Newfoundland Cross!) he will need owners who will understand his need to take things very slowly in order to build his confidence. He takes a long time to come out of his shell so will need many visits until he bonds enough to go home, but once he has formed a relationship, he is actually a very affectionate and fun lad. He loves his toys, especially cuddly ones. He also really loves his food which will make his ongoing training much easier.

Type of home needed

The very special home we need for Bear must be adult only, with no visiting children at all. Very few visitors in general, but no visitors at all during his settling in period. This is due to his worries around unfamiliar people. He cannot share his home with any other pets, however in time he should be able to make walking buddies if introduced correctly. He'll need a secure garden with 6 ft fencing, so he has somewhere to play off lead. He cannot currently be left alone so he'll need someone around all the time for as long as it takes for him to fully settle in. As he tends to react to passing people or dogs by barking his home must be in a quiet area with easy access to peaceful walks away from any hustle and bustle. Most importantly though he needs very patient owners who have a good passion for training. Bear is doing really well with the training plan our team have put together and they will help and support you with this every step of the way. We can see the potential already. He just needs someone to help bring it out fully.

More about me

I'm not able to meet you in person at the moment but I'm still ready to find my new home. Please get in touch with our staff to register your interest. Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions my new home MUST be within 45 minutes' drive from the Leeds rehoming centre


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  • Crossbreed, Poodle

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Location Dogs Trust Leeds Woodlands Farm York Road Leeds LS15 4NL