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Shihtzu | 2 years old


Baxter is a little dog with a big personality and he’s a natural comic who will have you laughing all day at his antics – he also loves to watch tv with you! He’s such a little sweetheart when he knows you, but he does have trust issues – he is fearful of strangers, and will growl and snap if a stranger tries to handle him.  This includes visitors to the home.  The solution is very simple – pop him in another room until the visitors have come in and settled down, give them a few treats to offer, and let Baxter come in – he will take his treats and settle happily provided they dont touch him.  Baxter is very good in the home, and he loves to play with other dogs – he would love a doggy friend in his new home but its not essential.  He cant live with cats or small furries.  Baxter will need a home with people who understand fearful dogs and wont force him beyond his comfort zone.  He’ll need his future adopter to meet him a couple of times in his foster home so that he can get to know them.  He loves children, but because of his trust issues and bite history, we will not home him where there are children.If you think you can offer what he needs, please fill in the form below.  Homecheck and £225 adoption donation applies, and you’ll need to be able to visit him in his foster home.

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  • 2

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  • Shihtzu

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Location Bournemouth

About a Shihtzu

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  • -

  • 20 - 28 cm

  • 4 - 7 kgs

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  • 10 - 18 years

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