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Crossbreed, Domestic Longhair | 5 years old


Can you provide Balboa with his new kingdom?
Balboa was picked up by our Inspectors after there was a concern for his welfare, after a little investigating, it appears Balboa has lived on the streets for most of his years! Being fed by locals, without anywhere to call his own!
Coming in to the cattery environment, Balboa, given his history has coped very well. Although he clearly would rather be the king of his own kingdom, he adjusted to cattery life relatively quickly and loves interaction however we feel the quicker he gets out of the cattery environment the happier he will be!
Understandably Balboa is a little apprehensive to new people and will be vocal from a distance until he trusts you, his clear motivation is to first get food from you (something that has been a survival behaviour) but when his need to eat has passed, he does like to approach you for a head bump on his terms. the more confident around you he gets, the more interactive he becomes
Balboa is not your average cat but we feel with the right approach he could cope with living in a home, we are looking for someone who will take on his daily feeding, care, veterinary needs and a safe warm place to sleep, in return for an independent cat who wants to pop back to dish out the affection as and when he wants to, he's a good listener and he loves to chat back! Given Balboa's curiosity and inquisitive nature we feel he will thrive around people and he has already become a big character in the cattery. Due to his history and his previous lifestyle, he will need access to the outside 24/7 (with out this he may/may not become frustrated), ideally a microchipped catflap to stop other cats invading his palace!
If you feel you have the perfect garden for Balboa to rule his new kingdom, please email leyb[email protected] along with a perfect match form.
Due to covid restrictions we are only able to rehome locally to the centre.

Additional details

  • Size :

  • Age :

  • 5

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  • Colour :

  • Crossbreed, Domestic Longhair

  • Black

Location Leybourne Animal Centre, 199 Castle Way, West Malling ME19 5HW