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Bailey & Misha

Other | 17 years old


PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO CURRENT RESTRICTIONS WE CAN ONLY PROCESS APPLICATIONS LOCAL TO BRACKNELL AND WOKINGHAM. Misha & Bailey are two beautiful short haired Burmese cats who have always lived together. We think they should be indoor cats - Misha is female 16yrs old and Dark Chocolate coloured, Bailey is male, 15yrs old and ginger. They both have very healthy glossy coats and like to be brushed. They are very companionable with each other and love to curl up together when they sleep.Both are very affectionate & love a lap to sit on sometimes both at the same time!! Bailey is especially fussy. loves attention and to be picked up. He is the more outgoing of the two. Misha also likes fuss attention but more in a quieter way and purrs with delight!! She does not like to be picked up . Both cats are very placid & gentle, easy to have in the house. They both love to play with string, most days have a "mad five minutes" chasing up & down the stairs!!!Like a lot of older cats, they are both on a special Renal diet to help with slight Kidney problems. They deserve a quiet house to live in where they can be looked after and relax for however many years they may have.

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  • 17

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  • Other

  • Ginger, Chocolate

Location Bracknell, UK

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